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Fortius Sport & Health is a philanthropic project bringing together an integrated, world-class team of sport & exercise medicine and science practitioners working together in a state- of-the-art facility in Burnaby designed to optimize your health and performance.

Whether you are a six year-old playing a sport for the first time, an elite athlete or a 60-year-old grandmother looking to stay fit, we can help serve your needs and fulfill your goals.

Sport Medical and Rehabilitation Centre

Housing a collaborative team of world-class sport and exercise medicine and rehabilitation specialists, the Centre will be the place to go for preventing, diagnosing and treating sports related injuries and illnesses. Leading edge diagnostic technologies and rehabilitation equipment will be available on site.

Fortius Performance Conditioning & Fitness

The state-of-the-art performance conditioning and fitness centre will house a wide range of cardio, machine and free weight training equipment and apparatus. Strength and conditioning specialists will work with athletes at all levels to assist them in identifying and achieving specific training, performance and/or personal goals.

Fortius Gymnasium

The Fortius Gymnasium is a multi-purpose, double gymnasium configured specifically for basketball and volleyball. The double-gymnasium – featuring two full size basketball courts — will be used primarily for programs run directly by the Fortius Institute and Fortius Athlete Development Centre. Gymnasium rental will also be driven by community groups and sports organizations seeking space for basketball, volleyball, netball and/or other recreational activities (i.e. combat sports and martial arts).

Fortius Lodge

The Fortius Lodge is one of the signature features of the Fortius Athlete Development Centre. It is a 120-bed venue offering short-term and mid-term accommodations for clients, teams and other groups, including visiting athletes, coaches and administrators participating in local tournaments, camps, workshops or symposiums. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Fortius Lodge is comprised of 60 rooms on three floors and makes the Fortius Athlete Delopment Centre the first independent sport & exercise medicine and science facility in Canada offering on-site athlete and client accommodations.

Fortius Pitch

The Fortius Pitch is a FIFA-standard soccer turf, immediately adjacent to the north side of the building and featuring beautiful views of the North Shore mountains. The soccer turf will be used primarily for programming associated with regular user groups and the Roman Tulis European Soccer School of Excellence. It will also be available for use by clubs, districts and leagues affiliated with BC Soccer and other community groups, with an emphasis on high performance soccer programming.

Fortius Lab

The Fortius Lab is a human performance lab that provides integrated applied physiological and biomechanical analyses as part of Fortius Sport & Health’s larger offering. Anyone can access the world class equipment and practitioners within this unique space in an attempt to optimize their health and performance. The Lab specializes in all aspects of injury prevention and performance optimization for running, cycling  and the functional movement patterns that are essential for soccer, hockey, and basketball.

Address: 3713 Kensington Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5B3B8
Phone: (604) 292-2500