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Burnaby Mountain Bike Skills Facility

The Burnaby Mountain Bike Skills Facility promotes progressive skill development in an engaging environment full of challenges, yet can be enjoyed regardless of any age or ability level. It includes dirt jumps, hillside technical features, north shore style and berm descent with straight and curved wall rides. The lower flat area consists of a bike skills development area, with a wide range of technical riding elements such as a wooden triangular pump track, speed trials, balance box, teeter totters and various log and rock challenges. The wood pump track allows riders to pick up speed riding through a series of loops, berms and rollers around a track and sustain their momentum through it.

Slopestyle course incorporates man made technical trail features and dirt jumping in a course on a falling grade where the choice of the line is up to the skills of the rider. The Slopestyle course is for the intermediate and advanced riders.

The North Shore Area includes a variety of technical trail features designed for various skill levels allowing for the development and progression of bike handling skills. These include a number of wooden constructed features such as skinnies, elevated ladder bribridge rides, balance box, drops and teeter totters.

Amenities include:

  • Wood pump track
  • Slopestyle course
  • Beginner/Novice Area
  • North Shore Area
  • Dirt pump track
  • Dirt Jumps
  • 12-metre curved wooden wall

Address: 7564 Barnet Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5A2X9
Phone: (604) 294-7944

Facility Specs

Year Completed 2008
Seating Capacity 0
Parking Capacity 0
Medical Room No
Warm Up Area No
Licensed for Alcohol No
Official Rooms
Food Services No
Dressing Rooms

Sound System No
Owner Public
Office Space No
Weight Room/ Fitness Facility No
Equipment Storage No
Ticket Box No
Media Room No
Internet Capability
Hospitality Room No