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Made for Families – Burnaby Getaway

At the beginning of 2014, we wrapped up our Made for Families campaign which highlights all that Burnaby offers to families heading to Metro Vancouver. As part of the campaign, we ran a contest, giving away a trip to one lucky family. Alana was generous enough to share her weekend with us. Their prize included a two-night stay at the Holiday Inn express Metrotown, a $100 Metropolis at Metrotown Gift Card, family passes to Telus World of Science, a tour with Westcoast Sightseeing and a $100 VISA gift card for travel expenses. Have a look below at her trip to Burnaby!


The Biggest Thank You Ever From Our Family to Tourism Burnaby!!! We had the most amazing weekend!

I would like share with you our weekend. We could not have had this stay-cation without the generous gift you gave our family);…

  • We arrived at the Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown around dinner time Friday evening, after getting lost for a bit around Metrotown (no, the Holiday Inn was not difficult to find, we are just directionally challenged and the map I had was not helpful. Quite possibly it was the person using the map that was the problem…;me. :)
  • Check-in was a breeze and the ladies at the reception desk were wonderful, welcoming and sharing in our excitement for the weekend.
  • We got settled in our room, the kids claimed the sunglasses and the bag you so kindly sent. Everything was arranged and all ready for us as promised.
  • Then we headed over to Metropolis at Metrotown to explore.
  • First order of business was the Disney Store…2 hours later, we were shopped out and everyone was suddenly really hungry! (Plus the mall was closing!)
  • We got lost inside Metrotown briefly (directionally challenged on foot too!) on our way back to the Holiday Inn, but we decided it was a Happy Accident so we could scope out where else we wanted to shop. :)
  • After dropping off the precious purchases from the Disney Store we walked to dinner (it took a lot of persuading to convince the kids that it was better to go to dinner without Woody, Bullseye, Animal and Princess Dress Up pieces).
  • The staff at the front desk recommended Earls or Cactus Club and had promised both were easily walked to without the risk of getting lost (for us that is important)…they were right.
  • We chose Earls and enjoyed a wonderful dinner

Dat hair

  • Our excitement for Saturday made it difficult to sleep Friday night, but eventually everyone drifted off…
  • Saturday morning we got up early and enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express…the most important part to me was that there was something for everyone and all tummies were full and ready to go when the Tour Bus arrived. (See Picture “Burnaby Holiday Inn”…a princess tiara and earrings made it onto the bus, but at least we were able to convince her the rest of the outfit should stay in the hotel room)
  • The Tour was amazing and the Capilano Suspension Bridge was absolutely incredible (I was born and raised in BC and I had never been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge before)
  • In general our family are a bunch of chickens….heights, small spaces, scary things, possible encounters with creepy crawly things, etc….But, All of Us enjoyed every single moment of the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Pouring Rain and all! (See Picture “Burnaby Capilano”)

We explored every part, looked at every bug, spider and critter, climbed every stair, made it across the cliff walk and walked the bridge while it gently swayed….both ways…. and we survived (with minimal anxiety)!! We each even got a Certificate to prove it (a definite highlight). At the end we bought some of their famous (so we were told) fudge to reward ourselves. It was definitely yummy. ($10)

  • Next stop was Granville Island where we enjoyed a late lunch at a very nice seafood restaurant. Our Tour Bus Driver was awesome. Friendly, funny and so knowledgeable. I learned so much about Vancouver that I had never known, it was fascinating!
  • When we got back to the hotel, we got changed out of our damp clothes and headed over to Metrotown to see The Muppet Movie (thank goodness for the signs in the mall!). Since we had a late lunch and had not yet had time for dinner, we amped up the Movie Theatre treats.and totally worth it!!
  • Since it was a late night Saturday night too, we ordered in pizza once we got back to room …the kids announced what a blast it was to do all this cool stuff and eat late twice in a row too!
  • Sunday morning we were up reasonably early, the kids had planned their breakfast choices before they fell asleep Saturday night, so it was another pleasant breakfast experience.
  • After breakfast we packed up, tidied the room up and checked out (See Picture “Burnaby Weekend”)
  • Off to Science World we ventured. And yes, just in case you were curious, we did get slightly lost on the way there. I think I lost my navigator’s job (I honestly never wanted it in the first place J)
  • We spent three and half very busy hours at Science World seeing and experiencing everything and, of course, on our way out the kids each got to pick something small as a souvenir.
  • Then it was time to head for home. We figured the kids would be exhausted (because we were, but in a very good way. J) and sleep all the way home, but they didn’t. They talked non-stop about every moment of the entire weekend. Discussing what was the favourite part and each time one of them mentioned a different moment as their favourite, the other two would jump in that, that was their favourite moment too, until my son finally stated, in a matter of fact way, that he guessed the whole weekend, all of it, was their favourite. We decided that was the perfect way to sum up the weekend….The Whole Weekend, All of It, was Our Favourite!!!


Thank you so much for the incredibly amazing opportunity you provided our family. Without your generous gift our family would not have been able to have had this wonderful experience that has given us special memories to last a life time! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Most Sincerely;

Alana C.