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5 Amazing Instagram Photos of Burnaby in March 2017

March 2017 seemed to be full of crazy weather patterns. Lots and lots of rainfall, and yes, even some snowfall, but the good news is that spring has finally arrived!

Below are 5 amazing instagram photos taken of Burnaby in March.

1. Deer Lake Park, Burnaby

Winter on the West Coast used to mean having a lot of rainfall, this winter it meant snowfall…yes, even in March.

2. Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby

The snowfall may have caused hectic driving conditions, but it sure made Burnaby Mountain look like a Winter Wonderland.

3. Deer Lake Park, Burnaby

No matter the time of year, sunsets at Deer Lake are always worth watching.

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4. Burnaby Lake, Burnaby

Duck, Duck, Goose! With lots of wildlife to be seen, Burnaby Lake makes for an enjoyable spring walk.

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5. Deer Lake Park, Burnaby

We may have had lots of rain, and yes, even some snowfall this month.  But evidence of spring has already begun to be spotted around Burnaby!

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And with that, we say goodbye to March, and hello April! Be sure to share your photos with us through #ExploreBurnaby


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