Visit Burnaby

Getting Around Burnaby

While Burnaby may sit just outside of the Vancouver metropolis, it is surrounded by public transportation options in order to help you move your way around the city, utilizing buses, shuttles, trains, taxis, and other vehicles, including ferries. Bus lines run through many of the surrounding cities so they are perfect for getting around Burnaby with short trips, or sightseeing tours, and even taking longer road trips beyond Vancouver.

You’ll need to purchase a Compass card or ticket to ride Translink’s SkyTrain, SeaBus, or West Coast Express. Daily or monthly passes, specifying different zone regions, are offered. The monthly pass affords you unlimited travel on the SkyTrain (with 11 stations) and SeaBus. Be sure to visit Translink’s trip planner in order to plan ahead and schedule your routes. Check the site for any specials or discounts as well.

If public transportation is not an option, visitors can always grab a rental car in order to have more navigational freedom. The important thing is that once you’re in Burnaby, you are easily able to visit Vancouver, and move from one spot to another.

Burnaby is also a great city for bike travel. Bike routes connect Burnaby from north to south, east to west and to neighboring cities on all sides. Our leisure trails and scenic paths are also worth a visit. You might even be greeted by locals on their daily commute. Use this city bike map to find your way around.

Whether you have a tight work itinerary, or plan to enjoy the scenic side of the city, Burnaby’s public transportation can help cater to your needs.