Visit Burnaby

Fun Facts

Here are eight little conversation pieces about Burnaby—and every one of them is a certified true fact:

  1. Burnaby is the 3rd largest city in British Columbia (after Vancouver and Surrey), with a population of approximately 223,000.
  2. The city was named after Robert Burnaby who had explored the region around Burnaby Lake in 1859. A merchant and businessman, Robert Burnaby was active in a variety of community affairs and helped develop much of the west coast.
  3. Famous Burnaby locals include: singer Michael Buble, actor Michael J. Fox, NHL Hall of Famer Joe Sakic, and national soccer team player Christine Sinclair.
  4. Burnaby’s official flower is the rhododendron.
  5. Burnaby’s ‘Sister Cities’ are Kushiro Japan, Mesa, Arizona, Hwaseong, Korea and Zhongshan City, China.
  6. Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University is the only Canadian university competing in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
  7. Burnaby’s ratio of parkland to residents is one of the highest in North America. 25% of Burnaby’s land is designated as parks and open space (the city has over 200 parks!)
  8. Installed in 1956 in what is now known as The Heights shopping district, Helen ‘the Swinging Girl” neon sign was approved as a civic heritage landmark in 2010. The landmark is known as one of the best examples of kinetic neon art in North America and is included as a destination on local neon tours.