Visit Burnaby

Burnaby, British Columbia - a city that never ceases to amaze

Just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Burnaby is a playground for active travelers. From the shopping bonanza that is Metrotown, to the world of cuisine within walking distance in the Heights, to the calendar of multicultural arts at the Michael J. Fox theatre, Burnaby offers something for the explorer in all of us. Of course, for the truly active spirit, Burnaby’s many parks, lakes, shorelines, forests and trails make it a self-contained natural vacation paradise. And if you’re in search of even more adventure, Burnaby is a centrally located gateway with easy access to Metro Vancouver’s many attractions and activities. It may just be the best way to experience the hustle and bustle that is Vancouver during the day, but retreat to the quaint charm of Burnaby at night. What are you waiting for? Start exploring!